Thursday, January 15, 2009

Winter Wonderland Shawl Finished!

It was snowing today! A perfect day to take photos of the Winter Wonderland Shawl. I had some help from my dear friend, Madge. This shawl is hard to photograph because you want all the snowflakes to show and it's next to impossible to get them all in at once. Here goes!

I love it. Yay!

Oh, there were a couple of more corrections that I didn't have in the last post. Basically, when the second to the last row ends with 27 stitches, the last row should end with a k2tog instead of just a k2, because you want to end with 26 sts for each side of the hexagons. And if you accidentally end up with 27 sts on a hexagon (like I did) just take the two stitches that were supposed to be knit together up at the same time when you are grafting. It completely dissappears. No prob.

I have just finished winding up a skein of Skacel Merino Lace to start my next big lace project, even though I still have the Heere Be Dragones on the needles. I just can't help myself...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowflake Teaser

After a very late start, I finished grafting the hexagons together late last night. I started the edging today, which is much less tedious as I feared it might be. I am actually enjoying it and it seems to be going very fast. I think the simple edging finishes the shawl off perfectly. You use the same Glimmer alpaca yarn that you use for the snowflakes, themselves, so the edge has a little more weight to it and will hang well.

The rest of today will be devoted to finishing up this shawl. I hope to find a pretty way to photograph it tomorrow. I'll have to consult my photo stylist, P.H.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flaky Post


What is this stuff?

"Snow? You're pulling my tail!"

I finished the last of the snowflake backgrounds last night. This morning I pinned them all out. Here they are blocking peacefully.
There are thirteen of them. Please excuse the wrinkly background. Here are the rest.
There's been a lot of interest in this fabulous shawl pattern lately, so if anyone else is interested in making it, I'm going to offer this list of corrections for the little errors and typos I found in the pattern. One of the corrections I received from the designer, who was really great and willing to help me, the others are just simple things that I caught, but I think may save you some time and frustration. So here goes!

Snowflake 2 Background
Rnd 18: k1, (k2tog, m1) 8 times, k2 tog

Snowflake 3 Background
Rnd 13: k1, k1 in tCb, k2, k1 tog w tCb, k5, k1 tog w tCb, k2, k1 in tCb, k1

Snowflake 5 Background
Rnd 9: k1 in edgP, k10, k1 in edgP
Rnd 22: k1, (k2tog, m1) 8 times, k2tog

Snowflake 6 Background
Rnd 14: k2, m1, (k2tog, m1) 4 times, k1
Rnd 24: k1, (k2tog, m1) 8 times, k2tog

Snowflake 7 Background
Rnd 5: k1 in edgP, k3, k1 in tCb, k4, k in tCb, k3, k1 in edgP

That's it! Hope that this helps another crazy-for-snowflakes knitter. I have really enjoyed knitting this beautiful pattern. Sharon Winsauer is one talented lady! I have to finish the Heere Be Dragones shawl, another one of her designs. I have my eye on some of her others, as well. Have you seen the Dragon of Happiness shawl? She also has designed another wintery shawl called Dance of the Snowflake that features one large snowflake motif. The link takes you to the Aurora Alpacas site. You need to click on gallery of shawls and then the catalog link towards the bottom of the page to see all her designs. You can also check her out on Ravelry.

Hopefully, next post we will have the finished shawl, or close to it. There's mega grafting and an edging as well. Stay tuned...