Friday, February 27, 2009

Moving On, Again!!!

Eeek! Yep. We're moving again. Headin' back to Kentucky. Not too far from here, though. Less than two hours away. So, tomorrow morning, bright and early, we say goodbye to our mountain.

This is a frosty picture of it I took a few weeks ago. We didn't see sights like this in tidewater Virginia. Now we are headed to the foothills and the bluegrass!

So, since I've been packing and cleaning like a fiend, and all my yarn is already at our new house, I've had to find some tiny-little projects to work on when I needed a break. I have a pair of almost finished socks and...


These are my first actual tatting projects that didn't involve endless chains and rings. Gnatly, you'll have to let Melissa-the-magnificent-tatting-monster know that I have mastered the split ring! Well, maybe not mastered, but look! I've got twelve of those babies, up there in the photo, end to end, see? Woo hoo!

I hope PH likes his new home. He will have a screened in back porch to relax in when he gets there. Right now, he is a little bushed. He got vaccinations yesterday and has been sleeping all day today. Poor little guy, he has a big day in store for him, tomorrow. Poor me, too, PH likes to sing in the car.