Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

I tell you, this was meant to be. After setting up my blog yesterday, I awoke this morning to find that I have been invited into Ravelry! Perfect timing. I am there as, Bereni, but haven't had much time to explore the site yet. I figured that I could easily get lost in it and then I would never get a post up on this blog tonight. Then I started getting distracted, anyway, by something called, Sock Wars. It is amazing how one site leads to another and another.... You know, I think I could get into killing someone softly, with socks.

Instead of a big, long introduction about myself, I think I'll just let things come as they will, and hopefully all the pieces will fall into place. I'll let you know this much up front. I am happily married, with no children, except for an incredibly personable orange tabby guy named Punkinhead (aka, PH, but he prefers to go by KittySperk, or just, plain Kitty). Here he is happily curled up in Daddy's arm.

Pssst! Let me show you what I've been up to. I took a little trip to some of the local thrift stores the other day. I came home with five sweaters. One heathered, sage green beauty was a blend of mostly cashmere, with some mohair added. Here it is taken apart and being unraveled!

Skeins of curly cashmere!

Washed and drying.

Four gorgeous, fat skeins of laceweight!

It was a large, man's sweater in almost new condition. The yarn was very easy to unravel and seems to be strong. The color reminds me of looking up at a sun-dappled forest canopy, so I'm thinking it may become the Forest Path Stole. I've been wanting to knit the FPS for a few years now, ever since it came out in IK, but could never decide on a yarn for it. Now I know why. This plain 'ol v-neck sweater (which cost me all of about four dollars, by the way), was somewhere waiting for me, dreaming of being transformed into precious, delicate lace. Heh heh. Score!

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