Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oh, My Aching, Packing Back!

Hi, everyone! I haven't been very good at keeping up with my blog lately. Why? My husband and I are MOVING! Needless to say, we are packing, packing and, yes, more packing. We have left our jobs here and are going back to Cumberland Gap, TN, where we lived three years ago. It's been calling to us for some time now, and when we went back for a visit last October, that sort of clinched it right there. We have good friends, family and church there. It's the place where we've felt the most at home in our ten and a half years of marriage. I think that you'll enjoy hearing about life there in the Gap. It's one of the last "Mayberry's" left in the U.S. I think there was actually a magazine or newspaper article about it that said just that. Life seems to move a bit slower there than on the east coast of Virginia. My DH and I, we like it like that. The funny thing is that we are moving into the same place that we lived in three years ago. PH found us and adopted us there. Do you think that we'll wake up our first morning back and think that we've been dreaming all this time?

PH dreams.


Laura Neal said...

Oh wow! I read your comments and yes, I think our Dads are both heroes.
I despise moving. I have already told my DH we aren't moving anytime soon but, my sister is having a house built and I have that new house fever starting. I need to squash that back down until the time we can actually afford land and a huge house, I want over 4000 sq ft, he says no. I have my dream house picked out! I want lots of land and lots of room. NO neighbors and NO HOA!
Ah, look at sweet PH snoozing!

Nichole D. said...

Good luck on the move! What a cute kitty!

Amy said...

That's an interesting thought about dreaming...but I suspect your aching back will bring the reality of these last few years back to you. I wonder if PH will understand it as a surreal experience though. His life is half nappy time anyway.

Laura Neal said...

Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I was bad today and went yarn shopping on line. I purchased a non indie yarn. It is the white water Lorna's Laces...sigh! It was too pretty to pass up. I am now a closet sock yarn shopper! Ha!