Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wrap Redux

I've decided to frog and start the wrap cardi over in the smaller size. The fabric seems to be very stretchy in this yarn and I think it will also grow, due to the alpaca content. I consulted with my friend, Natalie, over the phone this evening, and she comes to the same concensus. She has made a hat using the Ultra Alpaca, so I bow to her experience, as well. So, if it doesn't come out well, I don't have only myself to blame. Makes me feel better. Heh.

I would show you a picture of my meager progress, but my camera batteries died. It is just as well. I only have a bit more than an inch done from the neck, down. This yarn is so soft and pretty!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure, blame it on ME if it doesn't come out right!
That's OK, I can take it.
Hmmm . . . perhaps you ought to use a DIFFERENT yarn for this sweater. I know someone who would be more than happy to have that color of ltra Alpaca. Heh.

Anonymous said...

Hey just found you with the help of momma who has been here all week moving furniture and cleaning out my house. Something about having a fourth child that sends the whole house into an uproar...and it isn't even here yet! I have another 8 weeks to train the kids and Terry to keep the house clean. (Can't you hear me laughing?) Sure miss you guys here in KY! Monnie

Laura Neal said...

How goes the reknit? I am still trying to find the time to knit on my shawl. It is coming along slowly! I need another pair of arms and hands just to get everything done.

Laura Neal said...
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Laura Neal said...

You have been meme'd by me. Go to my blog for directions. Enjoy the fun!