Monday, February 11, 2008

Say It With Yarn

Today was the day that I started a new project and entered it from "day one" on Ravelry. I even put today's date down and started a notes-diary section, like I wanted. You see, today I got to pick out Valentine's Day yarn! Yay! Today was our day off, so DH took me over to my LYS and let me pick out whatever I wanted. He's so great!

Well, look what I chose!
It's Berocco Ultra Alpaca in a heathery lavender shade. It's a very soft, worsted weight, 50/50, wool/alpaca blend. There is a generous 215 yards in each skein. I don't usually go for purple shades, but this one just jumped out at me. The next photo shows it more true to color on my monitor.
I have decided to make the Knitting Pure and Simple, Neck Down Wrap Around Cardigan. It's #263 on the linked page. I started it this afternoon, before I had to run off for a rehearsal, but now I'm wondering if I should make a different size. The size I started would give me about two inches of ease. The pattern says that it is designed to be close fitting. A size down would give me two inches of negative ease, (in my fattened state), although it is a wrap style cardigan, so does that matter as much? I am going to lengthen it a little and also add some waist shaping, as others have done on Ravelry.

Thanks, Laura and Jules, for the nice comments about Airy Wrap cardigan. I think it turned out better than I thought it would. Jules, it's funny that you mentioned the Central Park Hoodie, I have the yarn and pattern to make it, in red! I was really thinking that I might start that next, until the V-day shopping spree today. I also decided that I needed something simple to knit next week while sitting in some dull, lecture-type training classes. Heh heh. I will probably start the hoodie next.

It's been a busy week, here, and it's going to get busier. I missed S-n-B, last Thursday, which I was bummed about. I needed to get some things done for a friends bridal shower. It was held on Saturday and was such a good time. I haven't laughed so much in a long time. It was a lingerie party and my gift turned out to be a hit. The bride-to-be couldn't stop laughing. It was pretty funny and involved do-it-yourself iron-on transfers, an old map and white, lacey panties. Hmmm...I'll stop there. The wedding is this coming Saturday, with the rehearsal the night before. Should be loads of fun!


Laura Neal said...

beautiful yarn! If you want great alpaca for cheap...go to ebay and hit the stores section, the name of the store is the Interamerica group and they sell bags of divine alpaca! I am a fan of that store! They also sell hand made hammock chairs...I bought one a couple of years ago and there is always a fight to see who gets to sit in it on my back porch!

Amy said...

That yarn is lovely with the heathered colors within it. I don't think the color is the best for me but it depends on what collar may stick out of the sweater. I can't get to the site to see the design because the volume is too high on it temporarily. Leaving the panty and map idea hanging stimulates the imagination to much worse places than the real design I think :).

Melanie said...

The yarn is a lovely color and I think the wrap around cardigan will look fabulous.
Can't wait to hear all about the wedding sounds like the shower was a blast. Hmmm...iron-on transfers, maps, and lace panties sounds like fun!!!

Amy said...

I saw the wrap around cardigan pattern picture and it's going to look beautiful on you.