Monday, February 4, 2008

Warts and All That

Today was a shopping day for DH and I. We had to go to a specialty shop and get some of our favorite Irish teas, (Bewley's and Barry's), before we ran out. We drink a lot of tea. Next, we shopped for our friends' wedding in which we are both participating. I got some funny stuff for the bridal shower, as well. DH even suffered through a stop at an oriental grocery store with me. Well, actually, he waited in the jeep and played bluegrass music while I bought miso and other Japanese goodies. Then, we stopped and ate barbeque. Of course, I brought some mindless "car knitting"! I worked on a Kidsilk Haze scarf. Plain stockinette. I'm going to felt it with beads or hazelnuts so it will look all warty. Perhaps I'll go for "bubbles" or "berries", but most of these usually just turn out looking plain 'ol, warty. The color is gorgeous, though. It's a very saturated raspberry/cherry red. Delicious...and, yet...probably...still warty.


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