Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Airy Update

This is how much help PH was while I was agonizing over whether or not to finish the Airy Wrap-Around. Actually, I should be glad that he is as disinterested in my knitting and in my yarn as he is. He hardly ever bothers me while I'm knitting, unless he just wants to climb into my lap. He doesn't chew on needles or yarn, or carry my things around the house. He's much more interested in birds and feathers.

I began by pinning Airy Wrap-Around out to block it, but it was hard to do it that way because of the length of the wrappy parts. So, eventually, I unpinned it and let it hang. It really didn't change all that much, maybe because of the acrylic content. I tried to stretch the back out a bit. I'll try to get a picture of it wrapped around me tomorrow. Oh, and I did get rid of all those leaves after I saw them in this picture!

Here's the Rabbit Ears Raglan. It's my own design. I wasn't sure how much yarn I had for the sleeves, so I made them short. However, I think I may have enough to make them three quarter length. I may put a band of the cable pattern where the sleeves end, now, and then extend the sleeves from there. I knitted the neck up into a scoopneck style and then frogged it back. I want it wider, more ballet-like. I think I'll put just a few buttons at the top. The yarn is a linen/wool blend. It has a nice, almost rustic, texture.

I spent some time tonight knitting a design swatch. It looks pretty cool so far, but I'm not tellin' what it is, until it's done. So there. Heh.

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