Friday, December 5, 2008

"My Garter Slipped" Scarf!

Got two skeins of Noro? Need a last minute Christmas gift? Need some mindless travel knitting that isn't so mindless that you want to pull your hair out from boredom? The "My Garter Slipped" Scarf might just be the project you're looking for. The pattern is an easily memorizable four row repeat. The long slip stitch looks great with Noro and would look great with variegated yarns, too. It's simple, but pretty. Here's the pattern. Merry Christmas. I hope you like it!

"My Garter Slipped" Scarf
by Bereni, © 2008

Project Specs:

Materials: Noro Silk Garden (2 skeins). Color 87 pictured.
Needles: Size 9
Gauge: Not that important, but row gauge @ 18 st/4 in (after blocking).
Finished Measurements: I blocked mine out to 6" x 60"


Cast on 26 sts.

Rows 1-4: knit.

Row 5: (k2, sl 1) 8 times, k2
Row 6: (k2, sl 1 wyif) 8 times, k2
Row 7: (k2, sl 1) 8 times, k2
Row 8: (k2, p1) 8 times, k2

Repeat Rows 5-8 (102 times)

Knit 4 Rows. Bind off.

This pattern is so easy to memorize because each row starts and ends with a k2 and rows 5 and 7 are the same. It's a cinch!

Close up.


You can see the back here.

Since it's been quite chilly lately, I've been getting alot of use out of this scarf.

I am returning to posting after a bit of a break. I participated in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) in November, and I did it! I squeaked by with over 50,000 words on the last day. It didn't help that I took about five days off to knit a shawl in the middle of the month. I've got lots of things to post about, and I've been taking photos, so stayed tuned.


Melanie said...

yeah! you're back. I've missed reading your posts, but I am super excited that you participated AND CONQUERED NaNoWriMo. That's totally sweet.

Love the scarf. I haven't knit anything for ages and I have a ton of partially finished projects lying around looking pitiful! =( Maybe the New Year will inspire me to be a better knitter...or maybe not...we'll see

Knatly said...

OOO! Scarf is too cute! Where is PH to model? On strike? Contract expired? Holding out for more treats?? Gain too much weight on his 3-month hiatus and doesn't wish to be seen?

And what is this novel writing?? When shall you be published?
Glad you're back in blogdom.

Love ya!

Jessica said...

Hi Aunti,
Pretty scarf! I like the texture your pattern created, it's definitely more interesting than your average stockinette!

What was your story about?

Laura Neal said...

Very beautiful! I was wondering where you went to. I have a pattern for a neck cozy for you...easy as pie and mindless knitting, if you need some.

US 7 dpns, cast on 72 stitches with worsted weight yarn....move your stitches to how ever many dps you choose and join in the round. Knit for 3 to 4 inches. Bind off loosely,
wash, block and enjoy, keeps your neck warm, no heavy scarves to pack around. But, since your scarf is so freaking beautiful, I would show it off! :^D

Jennifer Sellers said...

Are you bringing your story to Christmas? I'd love to read it! The scarf is gorgeous!

Darcy Webb said...

This scarf is gorgeous and thanks so much for sharing the pattern! I'm getting back into knitting and quite rusty. When you say, "sl 1 wyif" do you mean to slip 1 knit or purl-wise? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this pattern. I am learning to knit and really enjoying it, although my products don't reflect that yet! hehehehe

Rebecca said...

Do you have a pattern for the scarf that you'll share? Lovely!

Anonymous said...

What does sl 1 wyif mean?

Anonymous said...

What does sl 1 wyif mean?

Anonymous said...

If it doesn't specify, then you slip the stitch purlwise.

Sl 1 wyif means: Slip 1 stitch purlwise with the yarn in front of your work.

Michelle Henderson said...

I'm doing this scarf for my mother for Christmas, and mine looks a little twisted, though I'm sure I'm doing it right. The slipped stitches sort of twist around. Does it start looking different after a while, or am I doing something wrong? It's my first time doing something besides just knit and purl, so I'm a little worried I'm doing it wrong.

Holly S. said...

Do you slip the stitches knit wise or purl wise?

Rosemary Pipes said...

I absolutely love this pattern! I have made two already and am now working on a third.

Thank you so much for sharing this.

Anonymous said... if you sl1 wyif do you then return the Yarn to the back to knit the next 2?

Many thanks, Mari

Carmenza Torres Bellón said...

What is the pattern name in spanish to this kind of scarf ,i cant understand this method to make it, could someone help me?

Locksown said...

This might be a little late but here's a translation page for knitting

Sorry I don't know enough spanish to be of more help.

Locksown said...

I just came across this pattern. It's so cute. I want to make one for my daughter and my husband. Going to try to make one double sided. Will see how it turns out.

Tiffany Armstrong said...

If I were to make a scarf from this pattern, would it be okay to sell it?

Anonymous said...

I made this using ktg worsted yarn, using 8 oz's yarn. It is long enough to fold in half & sew about 7" from the fold to make it a hood scarf!I absolutely love this scarf & would love to keep it myself...But, I made it to give to a homeless person. I'm starting another one.....Not for me, again. There are a lot of homeless people, who could use this. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern!! Angie