Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mel's Stole

My last, finished, knitted object was the Myrtle Leaf Stole from Victorian Lace Today. I made it especially for my friend Melanie, as a wedding gift. She is a beautiful, intelligent and talented person. Can I tell you how proud I was to see her wear this at her reception in New York. It looked incredible on her, with her gorgeous wedding gown. She has since gone back to France, where she lives with her new DH, who is a physicist, at CERN, in Switzerland. Miss you, Mel!


Laura Neal said...

How stunning! That is beautiful. I wish I had time to do some shawl knitting...unfortunately, I am working on fund raiser mittens and then back to Christmas presents...only three more kids to do and one Uncle!

Melanie said...

Hey Bereni,
What a great picture of the shawl. I absolutely love it. I'm still astounded that you made it. I started my lace knit shawl before you and I'm still plodding away at it. The Myrtle Leaf Stole is one of my most prized possessions now, it means so much to me. I miss you much.