Thursday, October 11, 2007

Virginia Fiber Fest

This was the start of my post written yesterday. (Ha! Now two days ago!)

[It's supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Finally! I am out here on our deck, in the dark, with the stars, hoping to feel the chill air that is supposed to be moving in overnight. It is still not cool enough for me to want more than my short sleeved shirt, but, it's supposed to be coming. I am warm by nature anyway, but, I think it's cooler. It smells wonderful out here. I swear that I smell jasmine. Maybe someone has a night-blooming jasmine out here in the neighborhood somewhere. Do they bloom this late? (Ha! Yes, they do! I googled, and it seems they bloom several times before the first frost.) There is a delicious smell of late summer out here, earth, mixed with the scent of my shampoo, and a noticeable absence of mosquitoes. I hear insects and frogs.

I am in awe of bloggers that manage to post an entry every day. I really want to be one of them, but since I started this blog, I have been less than prolific. I have made excuses for myself. Work, projects, friends, Ravelry.... But, I know that everyone has busy lives. The bloggers that post every day have lives as busy as mine. I think they are just able to manage their time better. My last post intimated that I would explain why I decided to start a blog. It also intimated that I would post the next day. That didn't happen. I admit, I am a procrastinator.]

And, then...I promptly fell asleep...outside, on my deck, in the dark, with my laptop. My dh had gone to bed earlier. I might have been out there all night, if KittySperk hadn't been out there with me. I woke up with the little orange fellow on my lap, staring intently at my face. So, I saved what I had written and groggily stumbled away to bed.

Saturday, I went to the Virginia Fiber Fest at Montpelier. It was a hot and dusty day, very different from the mud fest of last year. I made the journey with three fiber fiends, I mean, friends, (Natalie, Jennifer and Karen), and we had our very own driver, (Jennifer's dh, Jim).

We had a great time. I've gone for the past three years and it seems that I always come home with an amazing bargain or something that I really wanted. The first year it was three Starmore books at an unbelievable price, last year it was a drum carder, and this year...


I came home with a Spriggs triangle loom! That's Natalie, Karen and I on our first trip to the car with our treasures, on Saturday. (This is where I fell asleep last night. So, I am just going to finish this quickly and post it before I succumb to the zzzz's again.)

By Wednesday, I had two new shawls, woven from my handspun. This one was woven from my first fleece that I spun up, oh, seven, eight years ago. It's lovely grey Romney wool.

The second one was from some pre-carded top and roving, with a little gaudy ladder yarn stuck in for fun. What a great way to use up handspun yarn. I can't really knit it up fast enough. With the tri-loom you get something wearable or giftable so quickly. I've been having a great time.

I am posting this before I fall asleep! I will try to finish what I set out to write, on the morrow. Of Sock Wars have started....

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