Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sock Wars Casualty!

I have finally met my demise. Look what I found in the mail, yesterday! Check out the awesome card.

Scar socks in the awesome colorway, Tidepool, dyed and knitted by none other than my assassin, Laura, from Drooling Over Yarn! After wrestling them away from Punkinhead...

... I put them on! Rich, gorgeous color! Buttery soft merino and shimmery bamboo! Comfy and squishy! I love the pooling on the left sock, especially. Aren't they lovely?

And, if that wasn't enough, beautiful, beaded stitch markers that match!

Thank you sooooo much, Laura! I love everything! I never thought I would be so happy to meet my demise! The rest of you, check out Laura's etsy store, where she has other gorgeous, one-of-a-kind yarn like this for sale. I've been doing some looking, myself. I do have a birthday coming up in exactly three weeks...heh...heh...heh....

You know, Sock Wars 2 is the first knitting exchange I've ever participated in. I've indulged in knit-a-longs, but never anything like this. I really had a great time, and I'm sure this won't be the last time I join in.

Hmmm...seems like the appropriate place to end this post, but I don't want to stop writing! I tell you what, I'll end this one, here, but I just might go right on ahead and start another! There are no rules here at KnitPox!

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Laura Neal said...

I am happy you love your socks and I have to apologize for the cat hair that is on them, my cats see socks that I am knitting and just have to lay all over them. I am so glad you have a cat who has decided to claim them as well. One even packs yarn around the house and sings to it at 2 am every night. The weird thing about those socks is that I used the same ball of yarn and how it came out is weird. One pooled and the other didn't.