Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Making of a Housewife

Here's some plied merino on my Kundert drop spindle. This is a fibery distraction so I can slip by you what I've really been working on for the past three days.

A house wife (sewing roll) and a scissors case. All done in 18th century style.

Here's the housewife opened up.

I need to add some finishing touches to the inside of this. If you make the pic big, you can see the pin cushion at the bottom with the wire-wrapped-headed brass pins, two pockets with the scissors, thread, beeswax and accessories, and a wool heart to hold needles. I still need to attach the heart and maybe do a little embroidery. I was thinking a little chain stitch around the pincushion. They are totally handstitched, made with linen fabric, wool and silk threads and the scissors case is bound in gold silk ribbon.

PH was sleeping on a hat, so I made good use of his angelic form. Goodnight knitting buddies!


Laura Neal said...

Thank you for the lovely comments you left me. You are quite crafty, aren't ya? You work is beautiful and I love your tabby model, he is quite angelic! Good luck with giving him his meds...worse thing is the world is to have to give a cat meds! You need welding gloves and a very strong husband to hold down that little ball of fighting fur. That pill popper is one of the best inventions out there!

Amy said...

Poor Kitty... There he is in recuperate sleep. The housewife and accessories are adorable. Were you able to work on it at work at all? Tell Kitty his Auntie Amy loves him.

Amy said...

What? No post yet?

Melanie said...

Oh my gosh, the housewife and accessories are beautiful. I love the embroidery. You always do such gorgeous work. And you always take such pretty pictures. I truly love the photo of the drop spindle in front of the Christmas tree! Miss you and Merry Christmas.