Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Over the River and Through the Woods

Hooray! A finished pair of fingerless gloves for my Dad! I'll be flying out to visit with my parents, siblings and their families tomorrow, (which is actually today since it is 12:30 am right now). At 86, you can still find my dad outside working with his hands, so I thought he might enjoy these. I used the Knucks pattern from Knitty, size 4 double points, and Queensland Collection Kathmandu DK, in color 409, a heathery, charcoal grey. It's merino, with a little silk and cashmere tossed in. I made the men's size, and ended up using a little more than an 147 yard ball. I'll have enough to make another, smaller pair with the rest of the second ball.

The pattern was great fun to knit, and very fast. You knit the little tubes for the fingers first, and then connect them all together and knit the rest, top down, adding the thumb tube at the appropriate moment.

Yes, that is a felted Kitty Pi as a backdrop.

PH posed with his fishing pole and pi.

The slightly mishapen pi. It felted a bit unevenly and it's a bit lumpy in the middle. Punkinhead has yet to get inside it since it's been felted.

He prefers to attack it from the outside. I'll put it in a cozy spot and wait.... I might make him a round, unfelted cushion for the inside that he can sink his "kneady" little paws into. My Christmas blessing? His lump is shrinking. I've been praying and praying. I sure love this little guy.


Laura Neal said...

Very nice mitts. I hope your Dad enjoys them. Yay on PH's spot getting smaller. I am glad he is getting better. I love his Pi, it is awesome and those colors work well with his fur.

Amy said...

The kitty pi is so beautiful when felted. Does it become more substantial and sturdy when felted? Has Pumpkinhead gotten interested in it yet? If not, I guess your idea of providing a comfy, soft, yarny cushion might coax him in. He's a snuggly sort.

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