Monday, December 10, 2007

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright...

What do you do when you find this?

would help?

DH and I put up our Christmas tree the other night, and ever since then, Punkinhead has been sleeping in one of the empty ornament boxes, on top of all the crunchy wrapping paper. He looks so happy sleeping in there that I don't have the heart to put it away. Honestly, he has been there every night. So, I was thinking, perhaps, if I make him a comfy, woolen kittybed for Christmas I'll be able to store the ornaments for another year. He loves to sink his little, white, popcorn toes into all and sundry knitting projects I have scattered about, so I know he likes wool.

I've chosen kitty colors, plus some black tiger stripes because I also know the little guy fantasizes about being a BIG cat. How am I privy to his innermost, furry thoughts, you ask? Just look! It's plain as day.

"If I bring him down, we'll eat like kings!" Tiger, tiger burning bright... the forests of the night. "Just a little closer...."

"Drat! Um. Pretty big up close. Yep. Move along, nothing to see here. Just your ordinary house cat. Ooo, what an interesting blade of grass!"

I'm knitting his felted kitty pi with doubled Lamb's Pride bulky so it'll be extra thick. Every tiger needs a soft, warm place to curl up in after a long, hard day of stalking.


Laura Neal said...

That is positively hilarious about your kitty. I know my fat cat would be out there tag teaming with him. She loves to stalk things. She stalks yarn like you wouldn't believe and sings to it at 2 am. Why? I have no clue. I have to see the kitty bed when it is done. The deer is beautiful, you luck woman to live in a place like that!

Anonymous said...

just love the blog !!!!!
Punkinhead and the deer are are too
much !!!! Have you finished the socks from the yarn you got yesterday ? We got there 1st !!!!
yippie !!! and we all have the same taste in color too .....
give scritchies to PH...from Grape