Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tiger Pi Progress

A few weeks ago, my friends and I had another fiber night at my house. The oh-so-creative Natalie and Jennifer were working on projects for a craft fair that they both do every year, so fabric and beads were also involved. PH moved into Natalie's bead box and staged a kitty bed protest. Because other cats are shown on blogs lounging in warm, soft, woolen kitty beds, he wanted to be pictured here in a sterile tupperware container, so everyone could see how deprived he was that he had no such luxury.

Never fear Kittysperk, there has been progress made on your Kitty Pi. You shall be snug and warm for Christmas. It's a big ol thing now. Looks like it could swallow up thirteen pound cats!

He felt a little better that night after Natalie let him wear one of her amazing necklace creations. He also commandeered my Shirt tail sweater in liu of a kitty pi.

My awesome fiber buddies came bearing gifts. 'Twas around my birthday time, you see. Natalie made me some stitch markers! See the little monkey sitting on a persimmon? She has seen the "wall of ape". No one can see the "wall of ape" and not be touched by it in some, um, really profound way. Heh. I love these stitch markers!

Jennifer gave me a little, felted sheep, which is now, as you see it, on my tree! It is even more adorable in person! Thank you guys! I love ya both!

Recently, my LYS acquired these tiny sock blockers. I have seen these on line, but when I saw them in "real life", I had to bring one home with me. No second sock syndrome with one of these babies!

Okay, has anyone listened to Lime and Violet, lately? I made a stamp....

And, a tad more knitting content to round out this post...some more snowflakes. They look pretty sad before they are blocked.

What's that they are resting on, you ask? A Fiber Trends felted beret pattern and some Brown Sheep and Galway, in bright "winter" colors. Tomorrow, I should be finished with PH's bed. I hope to get it felted as well. The little guy better use it!

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Amy said...

Those gifts are truly beautiful. I would like to try making stitch markers sometime. The lamb is so adorable. Kitty looks a little weighted down with the heavy necklace. I'm glad the lump is shrinking.