Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Bird in the Hand...

Le Peacock!

Here's the Blue-Faced Leicester that I dyed after the shawl. I used the turquoise and poured in some royal blue and some violet. I am spinning it up now.
This little monkey came home with DH today! More monkeys for me! My DH is such a sweetheart to surprise me and to think of adding to my great wall of ape. DH has been away on business for five days. Now you know how I accomplished so much and lived to blog about it! Between the knitting and spinning and dyeing, I've also been altering a dress pattern to fit and doing a bit, just a bit, of cleaning and hiking. Oh, and, Natalie, I have finally, just today, finished spinning the last of the "big blue ball"! Hooray! I think I'm getting a little tired of blue, although I love it. I have lots more wool to dye, so I think I'm going to try for some very different colorways. I may try to dye some fleece in different colors and card them up into heathers. Gotta get out my dye books!


Laura Neal said...

That shawl is gorgeous! The monkey is cute. I am going through a blue period over here as well. I think the hot weather has me wanting to hit my cold pool. I haven't even had time to go swimming over here and I miss that so much. Maybe tomorrow.

Jenny Raye said...

Wow! Just beautiful!!!

We've been missing you at SnB! Hope things continue to go well in your new home.

Amy said...

Yes, yes, heathers!!

I love the way the peacock shawl looks in its new color. I also love how it really does look like peacock feathers!!!