Sunday, May 18, 2008

Just Bootieful!

I started a pair of baby booties last night. This morning, I finished them. They are a gift! They're made with Regia sock yarn, in what I call a baby-neutral colorway, which means it has so many colors in it that you could hurt your brain trying to decide whether they should be for a boy or a girl. I enjoyed knitting these, and I'm going to make more of them for some other new babies. I almost always have leftover sock yarn after knitting a pair of adult socks. The pattern is, Christine's Baby Booties, it's easily memorized, and you can find it here.

Here they are, resting on an UF(Q)O. Unfinished quilted Object. I think they're pretty cute. Oh, and one of the reasons that I chose this pattern was that they are supposed to be constructed in a way that makes them stay on better than most baby booties. A plus for moms with bouncing babies and kickers, I guess.

I searched for someone to model these lovely booties. PH was too busy catching up on some reading.

So...I perused the "Wall of Ape". It was like something out of Cinderella, but I found the perfect fit. She's, attractive gorilla. Cough, cough. Actually looks like an old supervisor of mine.

Meet, Lily!

I think I may start an Ape of the Week. Maybe Simian Sunday?

Here's a close up. The booties are very stretchy and comfortably accommodate even Lily's hand-like feet.

I hope the new baby will enjoy them.


Laura Neal said...

Very nice booties! I love how PH reads his book! Very cute!

Ilana said...

They're just beautiful! We should send along a photo of them being modeled... :)

Amy said...

What a beautiful pair of booties! Now I know what to do with leftover sock yarn!!