Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The dye.
The complicated, scientific, heating apparatus.

The swatches.

I waited so long to post, now I'm too sleepy. It was a good day. More on these tomorrow and better pictures, too. I ran out of sunlight, you see.


Laura Neal said...

I like your scientific heating apparatus. You should see my huge old pot, I feel like it should be called the dye cauldron. Nothing better than those porcelain over enamel pots, they are tough!
Your swatches are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh. it's so good to see you up and running with the blog again! and PH has turned into a real HAM, especially with the ostrich plumes.

The peacock is loverly with the lighting in the pic -- shows the pattern, but not the color. Will be eager to see it overdyed and blocked.
DH made me a lace blocking frame a la KnitPicks tutorial. It's GI-NORmous, but wonderful. Blocked Raj and Hemlock on it so far. Spring Mystery Stole will be the next up.
Yes, as Grape said, I did finish my socks (2nd pair I have ever knit), and in just over a year! I'd gladly volunteer to test your pattern, but how soon do you want results?? hee.
Okay. Dyeing to see the peacock. . .

Seester said...

I love hearing your site too Berni.