Friday, May 30, 2008


I've been spinning. In fact, I spent an entire day at the wheel. You can ask PH.
PH: Yep.
This was the BFL that I dyed the other day. This is the only handspun that I could get a decent photo of. I'll have to try again with the others. I spun some purple mystery roving and some natural. Then, I decided to finish another UFO! The Lace Dream Stole!
I have yet to get a good photo of it in all its blocked glory. This will have to do for now.
I am now working on another UFO. The Dropstitch Shawl, a free Knitpicks pattern. It is going so fast. I'll be done with it very soon! Then, maybe I'll spin some more!
PH: Oh, joy.


Laura Neal said...

ooh, beautiful work! I love your yarn, you are so talented. I am spinning bfl and bamboo together right now and it looks so neat!

meem said...

The stole is so fine - couldn't have been done by human hands...maybe fairy spiders or little webers? What the heck is bfl?

Bereni (BEAR-wren-knee) said...

Hi Meem,
bfl is Blue-faced Leiscester, a type of sheep!