Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dropped Stitch Shawl

It's fun to finish things! The Dropped Stitch Shawl is done, but not blocked. It really might not need to be, it's so stretchy and will probably grow on its own, but I think I'll probably do it anyway. It's a fun, free pattern by Knitpicks and you can download it here. I made it on really terrible, old, gray, plastic, size 8, circulars with a stiff cord. Bleah! (Love my Knitpicks Options!) The yarn is called, Twist, in the Broadway Lights colorway, which is a dark navy with lots of other colors running through it. It's the Knitpicks yarn called for in the pattern (on sale for $1.99) and it is made of cotton, viscose, acrylic and nylon.

It is a great, mindless travel project with an easily memorized 6 row repeat. I kept holding it up to look at the shape of it to make certain that I was on the side that I needed to increase a stitch, when I had a "duh" moment. Gee, dummy, if you just use a different stitch marker on each side instead of using two alike, for symmetrical beauty, you will always know where you need to increase or decrease. Thus, the simple project became simpler.

Here is the fun part. At the end, you get to unravel the five stitch border to make fringe! Just slip that needle out and...
tie each unraveled row in an overhand knot!
Oooooh! Unraveling!
See? Fringe! (I did this in the car while waiting for DH.)
Here it is.
I guess I'll get to blocking it sometime, but, right now, I have the urge to finish some skirts I've started making. I went shopping the other day and bought a couple of cute skirts that actually fit me. I managed to draft a pattern off of them and have set to making some more for the summer. I've also pulled out the snowflakes for the Winter Wonderland Shawl by Sharon Winsauer. Someone on Ravelry asked me a question about the construction, which prompted me to want to work on it some more. Oh, and just in the past couple of days I've foregone the wheel to spin a bit on my Kundert drop spindle. It spins so nice. Then, there's that book I just bound in leather as an experiment....


Laura Neal said...

Very nice! I have that pattern and some of that yarn around here, too. I put it down since I was bored with it. The yarn is in red and I bought mine on sale many moons ago as well. I think it is called beach ball.

Melanie said...

Wow! you are one busy lady. So much talent, so little time.

Amy said...

Ooooh it looks wonderful. I think the key to not getting bored with simplicity is picking beautiful yarn. Good thing you have all of these projects available to do. It keeps your active, creative mind out of trouble. If only Curious George could learn to knit. Actually I think he tried once.