Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where's Keety?

There he is! After searching all over for PH this evening, we found him in a wire sliding shelf, in our closet. A cosy nest made of boxers!

New yarn! We went to Knoxville, yesterday, where I happily ended up at The Yarn Haven. It happened to be Sandy, the owner's, birthday and she gave everyone a birthday discount! She had a great party crown on that made her look a bit like the Statue of Liberty, and come to think of it, she was knitting an American flag! She, and Diane, who works there, were very nice. I got to hear a bit about the Yarn Marke at TNNA, and the trends in knitting fashion. They are also bringing in some new yarns. Louisa Harding and Mountain Colors are the two that stuck in my brain. I had a hard time making up my mind what to bring home with me, but I finally settled on just a few things. I bought another skein of Jojoland Harmony in a bright orange/yellow combination. Not for me (not my color), but to make something for a good friend here that loves bright colors. Then, since I have never knit with Malabrigo before, I decided on a single skein of their silk/wool blend in the color Azul Azul. Now, that is my color! There were some gorgeous blues at The Yarn Haven. Oh, shucks, I forgot to photograph a button that I bought. I had to have it. It made me chuckle. I put it up here tomorrow.

EEK! A Jojoland Jellyfish attacking a skein of yarn!

Well. I guess the bed is still more comfy than boxers. Look at those back feet. He always curls his toes!


Nichole D. said...

I haven't knit with my Malabrigo Silky yet, mostly because I don't think I'll be able to keep from drooling all over myself yet. I've knit lots with the worsted, though, it is by far my favorite yarn EVAH!

Laura Neal said...

My Pickles sleeps like that with her feet curled up and it is sweet, isn't it? Yarn shopping...I am so jealous, I haven't been in so long. I won't be dealing with much yarn either the way I am constantly on the road in my car. My dogs are not happy with me right now, uh, I seem to have spent more time with the car than them.