Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Post With No Name

More snowflakes! Here's one.

Here's another...

and all three with backgrounds!

The top snowflake in the pyramid is one that I thought I might have to reknit because I thought it might have been a little smaller, but after I realized how forgiving the backgrounds are (stretchy!) I decided to try with that flake, and it worked! I may try one of the biggest flakes next to see if they aren't too big!

Here is how far along I am with the Knitting Pure and Simple Wrap Cardigan. I'm adding a little waist shaping to make it nice and huggy.

I still haven't hemmed the two skirts that I made so I haven't taken any photos of them, yet. I did, however manage to find a skirt and dress pattern that I like, along with more fabric, when I went out shopping with my friend, Madge, yesterday. The skirt is a big, simple, circular one with NO zippers! Yay! I think I'll make that today. The dress is a pullover one with NO zippers! Yay!

I have been listening to knitting podcasts all morning, so I'm itching to work on something! I'll leave you with an embarassing picture of PH to get him back for the last post. It's a bit dark, but I think his face looks so funny!

Heh heh heh.


Christine said...

Your snowflakes are so cool! Nothing like a little snow during a heat wave. Looks like all is well with you, we miss you at SnB. Looking forward to seeing all your crafty projects.

Laura Neal said...

He looks like he is scrunching up his cat nose. Hee hee! Your snow flakes are simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

so when do we see the clothes?

Knatly said...

. . . and why can't I see PH?

Jessica said...

Cool, I didn't realize the snowflakes were knitted into hexagons!