Monday, June 23, 2008

Clue 2, I adore U!

Here's my finished Clue 2! My laptop is still out of commission, so I am still looking at these photos on a dim pc monitor. I had to call my sister to look at them on Flickr and Ravelry, and had her choose which ones she thought looked best. Thanks, Amy!

Clue 1A Clue 2B

Here's another shot in different lighting.

I had another angle, but for some reason I am having problems uploading that one. It's been on my Ravelry page since last night, though. I'm Bereni on Ravelry. MaryAnne, you were right! I really like how the Jojoland Harmony looks. The color changes just melt into one another. I'm happy with my chart choices, as well. You just can't go wrong with this pattern. Every one that I've seen on Ravelry is more beautiful than the next.

So, the UPS man did come. He brought me the cord for my laptop, but it turns out that the cord is not the problem. Grrrr. Now, I have to take it to a computer repair guy. I did some research on the internet, and the most likely cause of the problem is supposed to be a quick repair. I sure hope it is. Sigh.

PH had a bad morning. He didn't keep it to himself. He had to share it with the rest of us. It being DH's day off, we tried to sleep in a little bit. This didn't sit well with 'ol Furpants. He wanted us up, and front and center, at his food dish. He tried everything. He huffed and puffed, he stomped on us, he yelled at the top of his kittylungs.

When he finally dragged me into the kitchen, I confronted him with a terrible truth. There was only a teaspoonful of canned food left in the fridge. He had to eat his dry food, but there were some treats, and he could have some of them, too.

The little, stubborn, stripey guy refused to believe me. He thought I was holding out on him, and he told me so in strident tones. I offered him salsa and some red beans and rice. He was insulted. I showed him my empty hands. The empty can. He just knew I was trying to pull the proverbial wool over his amber eyes. I tried reasoning with him. Heh. I reminded him that there was a time when he only ate dry food. No use.

Finally, not being able to stand the sight of me any longer, he demanded to be let outside. I imagined him looking for an unsuspecting skink to smack around, or worse, packing his cat toys into a little handkerchief, tying it to a stick and hitting the road.

When DH left to fill the Jeep up with gas, he announced that he would be bringing home some Brat Food, not cat food, and true to his word, he returned with the much prized Chicken and Gravy.

As soon as that lid was peeled away, I could feel peace seeping back into the household. The world was, again, spinning smoothly on its axis. PH was once again a charming and likeable fellow.

Here's proof.


Can you buy Chicken and Gravy by the case?


Laura Neal said...

Look at him, he is so funny! Your work is beautiful as usual. My oldest cat used to get canned food until the day when I couldn't stand looking at her gravy chin anymore. She now eats dry food along with her sisters and we don't hear a complaint out of her. The one weird thing about that cat, she will tear open a bag of dog or cat food if it is laying on the floor and eat out of that corner she opened.

Amy said...

Sounds like Laura's cat is more self sufficient than my nephew. He can make his own kitty dispenser. I loved your description. Your blog is so fun to read.

Knatly said...

Clue 2 is Gi-normously beeyoouutiful! You have been a bad influence -- I relented and started the anniversary shawl, which I said I wouldn't do until the spring shawl was done. Your stuff is too pretty.
Oh, BTW, PH told me he would never, ever pace his swag in a common hanky. Has to be a felt backpack, thank you very much.