Friday, June 27, 2008

I've got the button!

Here's the button I bought at the yarn shop. It was the absurd little bird head that compelled me to buy it. There is a definate Asian influence, don't you think? I'll have to find the perfect project for this little guy. He is resting on the inside of my Wrap cardi, which is coming along famously. Soon, I'll be ready to start the sleeves.

Here is one of those skirts that I made. It's a bit wrinkled in front because had been wearing it and driving in it. See the serging at the bottom? I wore it like that! I still haven't hemmed them!
But see, the white t-shirt balanced it out....

Tomorrow, the Anniversary Shawl Clue 3 is coming out, so today, besides some mundane chores, I am going to either work on the Green Dragon shawl or my lavender cardi. Somehow, I don't feel like snowflakes.

I've had hobbits on the brain this morning. I told my friend Linda that PH was having his second breakfast, and she thought that he sounded very hobbit-like. Well, come to think of it, he is short and has hairy toes. But, curly hair?

"Hobbitses? I'll show you hobbitses! My puuuuuuurrrrrecious!"

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