Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Ha! The Sensational Shirttail is done! All it lacks is really cool buttons, which will be fun to shop for. Here is a not-so-good photo. Better one coming soon.

I think it fits perfectly. The sleeves are actually long on me! When you have monkey arms it is a pleasure to have sleeves that are on the long side. So cosy. I think that the Sensational Shirttail could achieve favorite status!

I think my increases (which form the shirttail) could have been better. I should have taken more time figuring out the best way to make them look neat. There are two rows of single crochet that finish the bottom edge of the sweater. I ripped it out a couple of times. I was getting a funny, flare effect. It still could use a little steaming, but it is much better. Overall, I think this is a great pattern and I'm very happy with the finished sweater. You know, it might look good with just some little i-cord ties in front. Hmmmm.

We have heat downstairs again! It has been nothing short of frigid for the past several days. It took some time, and at one point I overheard the two men working on it saying, "Oh no, uh oh......oh no.....oh no.....," followed by, "Ma'am, do you have a bucket?" But, eventually, it was fixed! The added bonus was that I got to stay home from work today and finish the sweater. They laughed about me deciding to knit a sweater because I had no heat.

It's late. Better go to bed. It's nice to go to bed feeling like I accomplished something today. Sweater done, heat working, even did some cleaning. Ah, what will tomorrow bring? Endless knitted braid for St. Brigid? Could be.


Amy said...

Huzzah! You're done! It looks great. Maybe after you wash or steam it, the bottom edge will look just right. Maybe we could see some pictures of it on after you get buttons and/or the ties. Remember, you can't stop now. Get the buttons before finishing anything else. It's fun to shop for buttons...

Laura Neal said...

Very nice! I couldn't imagine life without heat. I would be bringing out every single blanket and sweater I own. Not to mention bitching to my husband. Calling my brother and telling him to get his crew over here on the double. He owns an a/c and heating company. I have lived without a/c and let me tell you that was horrible in the Texas humidity, I found out that I could live in a house that was 84F but, not 90F. Wouldn't you know it, the DH was out of town the week it was out!