Monday, January 28, 2008

I Can See the Finish Line! (If I Squint)

Well, I did get the cable trim done! Yay! I didn't get it done as early as I thought I would, though. Somehow, other things kept getting in the way. All pleasant things, though, like taking and uploading more pictures for Ravelry and talking to a friend in France. Altogether a pretty relaxing day off.

The trim is blocking right now. I hope that it will dry super quick because they are thin strips. I'm not sure if I'll get to attach it all tomorrow, because it's going to be a busy day at work and I'm going to a colonial ball tomorrow night. Hmmmm... I probably won't have time. However, I am determined to have it done by knitting night on Thursday.

I am really happy that this blog is fulfilling one of the purposes I had desired for it. Posting about finishing certain projects really gives me the incentive to get them done. It's helping! At this rate, I might just go ahead and finish the Airy Wrap-Around sweater this week.

I've also noticed something that I'd like to start doing on Ravelry. Some knitters use the note section of their specific projects like mini diary/journal entries to document their progress. I think that's a great idea. They date the entries, so you can keep track of when you were knittng on what. People always ask "how long did it take" to knit suchandsuch. I never know what to tell them because I have a tendency to put projects down for lengths of time while I work on something else for a bit. I think I'll give it a try with the next project I start. Hmmmm...which will be...what?

Sleepy, kneading cat says... "Let's go to bed!"

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Amy said...

You should be very proud of yourself - getting your projects done. You are amazing. Sounds like you have to sew a long strip of braid around the neck, but it's going to be gorgeous. I like the texture on the shirtail and I love the cuffs.