Monday, January 7, 2008

January? Hah!

What is with this crazy weather? There was a definate whiff of spring in the air today, you know, that moist, waking earth smell. To tell the truth, it's not that unusual around here. During winter, the temperature bounces around like a bobble-headed Elvis in a rear view window. It never seems to get cold and stay that way, there is never more than 15 minutes of snow in a year, and in the summertime it is ten thousand degrees. Give me a place that has four distinct seasons! I want an autumn that arrives before December! I want to smell the delicious spring smells when it really is spring! Sigh.

The one thing that this weather has done for me is to make me feel like spring cleaning. Not just spring cleaning, but actually organizing and getting rid of junk that I have been holding on to for years. This time, I'm going to be ruthless. away...throw...out.... Except for stash! I'm hanging onto it all for now. I have noticed through this reorganization that my stash has grown substantially. Heh heh. I can picture myself upon my pile of yarn, wound around it, like Smaug the dragon, from, The Hobbit. Heh heh heh.

I've been working on finishing the Sensational Shirttail Cardigan and the St. Brigid. Here they are entwined around each other in a wooly embrace.

I'm working on the right front for the moment. I have the back done and one sleeve finished up to where you are supposed to start the sleeve cap. I've stopped there in case I want to lengthen the sleeves for my abnormally-long-monkey-arms. I want to make sure I have enough yarn to do it. I usually need to lengthen sleeves by at least an inch, if not more. I'm about 5'9", so I always have trouble finding clothes and patterns that are long enough in the arm and leg area.

Speaking of legs...

PH is a neverending source of entertainment to me!


Laura Neal said...

Your work is gorgeous! I love that look of PH's....what are you doing with that camera? Hey, are you taking a picture of me, you almost caught me licking my butt! Cats are funny, aren't they?

Melanie said...

as always I love reading your posts. PH is adorable! Such a funny picture. I can't believe the things that you knit - I can hardly understand the patterns much less knit something that beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, alas! Poor PH. The humiliation of being photographed in such an awkward and unflattering pose!
Yummy knit photo, tho. Are these up on Ravelry? I am seriously addicted. N.

Laura Neal said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog. I knit maybe two rows and fell asleep on the couch. Figures.
I have been through a lot with the death of both of my parents, maybe that is why I have gray hair at 37. I wish your friend luck,I feel for her. The hardest part of going down that aisle is without your Dad to give you away. The sad thing is that I know someone who lost her dad two weeks before her wedding and her mom had to give her away. We all persevere and what we get makes us so much stonger.