Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Whine whine, scratch scratch....

I have face rot!!! I think it is an allergic reaction to something I ate, or drank, rather. I had an awful lot of tomato juice in the span of a few days. It was organic juice, so I'm wondering if it was just more under-processed than, say, V-8? I have this terrible, itchy rash on the left side of my face, from the bottom of my cheek to my chin, plus, my inner ear itches, as well. I was sneezing a bunch, too. I think that it was a little better today. I've been taking Benadryl, but if it doesn't get much better tomorrow, I think I'll call the doc. It's just so weird, because I have never been bothered by allergies. Oh, now that I've been thinking about it, it is starting to itch again!!! Auugggh!!! Time to talk about something else....oh, yes, how about knitting?

Let's see... I'm pluggin' away on my Sensational Shirttail Cardigan. It's from Arans and Celtics-The Best of Knitter's Magazine. It's knit on 10 1/2's, and I'm using Reynolds Lopi in a grey heather. You've seen part of it in a previous post. I finished the right front and have started on the left. After that, I'll just have one sleeve to go. Huzzah! I tried to take some pictures of the finished front, but they turned out terribly, so I'll give you a look at another wip--my St. Brigid.

This sweater just needs a knitted braid neckline, and I think I'm going to knit braiding that goes around the bottom and the cuffs, as well. You would think that I would just get to it, don't you? Unfortunately, I am so easily distracted. But, I am determined that these two sweaters, and the Airy Wrap-around, will be the only ones I work on until they are complete. Even when tempted by something like this:

Knitted snowflakes! I hope to have a bunch of these adorning my Christmas tree next year. There are some really beautiful snowflakes in this book, and so very, very many....

It finally got cold here in Tidewater VA. Now, DH and I have realized that the heat isn't working too well downstairs. Upstairs, it's working overtime. Sigh.

Somehow, PH never seems to have trouble finding the warm spots.


Laura Neal said...

Ah rashes, you are talking to a pro on this subject. Go buy some calamine lotion, yes the pink stuff but, not the caladryl since you are already chugging back the Benadryl. The calamine is positively wonderful for drying up the rashes. Get out your food processor and grind yourself some oatmeal into powder to wash your face with. That will help heal the oozy weepiness that is going to start any day now. I have been there so many times and I feel for you. You feel like you are scarred and it won't stop itching and burning.
Your kitty is so adorable. I just love how he finds these spots to curl up in.
I love the sweater, it is so awesome. I have no patience for sweaters right now. My world is yarn and yarn only...I am in the middle of winding it all into dyeable skeins. Oh, how did the something unusual knit up? I am curious.
Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Berni....You looked just fine today ! I could not tell you had anything wrong with you ( maybe a little off in your mind, But...)
Love the sweater...and "WE" expect to also have snow flakes on our trees come next Christmas too !!!!
hint, hint !!! Grape

Melanie said...

oooohhh sorry to hear about the rash, that sucks. You didn't by any chance get it kissing primates did you? hee, hee.

I'm so envious of how gorgeous your sweater looks!
Hope the rash clears up soon!

Jessica said...

Aunti, I used to get a rash on my chin when I was little and would eat a whole tomatoe by myself. We must be related :)
The sweater is beautiful. I haven't done any knitting lately--I am so missing it!--but us three girls got together last night and finished dye-setting our last 3 scarves. They turned out very nice. I am wearing my painted blue-purple one today with a white sweater.

Amy said...

Hope your rash is getting better and Laura's remedies help. Sounds 'orrible. The silk scarves are fun. I like my multi-colored one the best. It will go with a lot of my outfits. Are there any vents you can control between upstairs and down. I've been cold too. It was 11 below zero here today.